Product Design


If you want your product to succeed in the commercial world it must be well designed. We understand the connection between product design and prototyping and how they work together to make your product a success. No product can be made without a prototype, so contact us today to start designing your product.

Our Product Design services include the following:

  • Cad Modeling
  • Free Form Surface Modeling
  • Product Styling
  • Complex Assembly Models
  • Prototype Models

  • Reverse Engineering
    • 3D Non-Contact Digital Scanning

  • Drawings
    • Sheet Metal Developing
    • Detailed Manufacturing Drawings
  • Design of Composite Products
  • Composite Product Design
  • E-Glass, Carbon Fibre etc.
  • Plug and Mould Manufacture


  • Automotive Component Design
  • Free Form Surface Modeling
  • Car Styling
  • Complex Assembly Models
  • Prototype building and Testing




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